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What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You

What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

by Norman Spering

Textbooks don’t tell all they should, and sometimes inhibit learning.
Norm Sperling teaches what textbooks won’t tell:
- Too sure of things? Learn which Unknowns still stump us.
- Outdated viewpoints? Reset your mindset.
- Need to weed out bunk? Bigtime debunking explains why science can tell how nature works.
- Overly serious? Chuckle at bloopers.
- Fresh, intriguing ideas and viewpoints, many of which apply to other sciences as well.

From the review in JRASC: "a rollicking read. It is fun! The language is down-to-earth and jargon-free. The writing style is straightforward and friendly. The book does not take itself too seriously. You will find it hard to put down because it just keeps going, like the Energizer bunny, with interesting topic after interesting topic."

183 pages, paperback, 2002. Add $2.00 for Custom-inscribed by the author any way the customer wants.

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